The vet by Luke gamble.


Hello there! This is my first ever book spiel on here so bare with me, this book spiel is on the book “The vet” by Luke gamble. I read this book around Christmas of 2012, and i don`t think id ever read a book as good as that before then. I was brought the book by my Nan for Christmas and i was glued. The basic plot is of a man named Luke gamble who was a newbie in the veterinary world, he had just left Bristol university and had just got a job in a veterinary practice in the new forest. The book takes you though Luke`s experiences in the animal world in his own words, births, deaths and the ups and downs of his social life. It`s a really gripping book and can get quite emotional at times – for example when he is sent to a farm in Dorset with a psychotic woman named sandy who was not only highly unsociable, but insists on following every rule to the l e t t e r. Here he faces one of the most difficult times of his life, killing innocent animals infected with the deadly foot in mouth disease. “Our first call of the day got us off to a great start. We weren`t supposed to drive directly onto a farm; instead, we were meant to park outside each farm, don our protective bodysuits, and then approach by foot. Our first job was to inspect a small holder with twenty sheep, a few pigs and a couple of goats. having phoned the owner, i was told that we could park at the end of the lane where there would be a bucked of water outside the gate. I relayed the information to sandy, who received it with an almost imperceptible nod of her head.

After one of the longest thirity minutes of my life, we pulled up outside a gate where a small black bucket of water had been placed, and cimbed out of the truck.

“Isn`t it a bit ridiculous for me to disinfect all this stuff when i`ve just taken it out the packet?” at first sandy did not reply; she was far too busy pouring disinfectant into the bucket. “No,” she said “it is the proper procedure. Disinfect your water proofs and then put on a disposable bodysuit” she paused “What risk is this farm?”

“This farm has been identified as medium ,” i said, scanning the paperwork.

“You need to wear your hood”

“Sandy” i said, “cut me some slack! i`ll pop it up once we`ve got near the farm – we can`t even see the buildings!”  Sandy said nothing . Instead, she pulled her phone out of a small plastic bag tucked inside her jacket. I watched as sandy held it up to her ear. “This is Sandy Elswit” she said. “I`m on a medium risk inspection and i`m having trouble with the assigned vet. Can i speak to the head of veterinary ops?” Sandy turned and glared at me as she spoke. Challenge blazed from her eyes. I mutely shook my head and raised the hood over my head. “it`s okay” she said. “I have the situation under control now. Thank you.” With a flick of the wrist, she hung up. ……. wining Sandy over was going to be akin to reaching the summit of K2. Considering that one in four people who attempt that challenge , dies in the process, i wasn`t sure that making friends with sandy was worth the risk”

The book is a real gripper, you never know what him and his friend rob will get up to on their so called “holidays” to Ibiza (he calls it a holiday but it`s more of doing horrible jobs in a hot place). Like all books it ends with the happiest of endings, but ya`ll just have to find this out yer`selves. Out of ten i would give this a 8.75. If your intrigued and want to read it you can`all purchase it for £7.99 from Waterstones (, there is also two other books by Luke gamble called “To be a pilgrim” and “The big wide world” which i am yet to read. The title makes it sound at tad like a Children`s book, as you could say the grammar is. However the story line is perfect for all ages! The blurb: Luke gamble always wanted to be a vet – but now he`s about to find out what it means. joining a mixed practice in the west country. Luke Gamble is quickly thrust into the real world of veterinary medicines, truculent farmers, endless out hours of work, nasty biting squirrels, frogs` eye balls and the horror of the foot and mouth outbreak. A  heart warming story of his tumultuous first year.” Other reviews from the likes of Clarissa Dickson Wright say its a “gamut of emotions;laughter, serious weeping, but always enjoyable.”

I guess all i can say now is “get your nose down”.

bye for now.


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