Mumford news – Hopeless wanderer video

Wow, they still never cease to amaze me. Above is the new video for the song hopeless wanderer, they have totally bucked the trend for this video, in others they have filmed them playing the song, riding motorbikes singing the song and even a man running across a cliff screaming. But this is a new high, the surprise it brought to me! There is just one thing, unless you could recognize their faces amoungst many others, you wouldn’t understand the humor in it. If you don’t recognize them then i would advise watching their other videos first (Little lion man, lover of the light, the cave, babel, whispers in the dark, i will wait – I won’t say anything about the video itself because there is a big secret in it, apart from, they take the mick out of themselves! Here’s their description of the video and a link to their website: “We are delighted to present you our new video for the song Hopeless Wanderer. A massive pair of thumbs-up to Sam Jones for directing and his cast of young budding actors. We’re sure they all have bright futures a head of them. Much love, Winston, Ted, Marcus & Ben x”


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