Songs of the past month

Sorry again for neglecting you for so long, i cannot explain my guilt. Anyway, while I’ve been busy I’ve discovered some shocking songs. The first one i discovered was when i got my monthly email from GOTR (Gentlemen of the road) – it’s Mumfords record label. Apart from their own two albums, its there first album released on it. It’s by Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros who are like best buds with Mumford themselves, the song i fell for was called home, and well if you heard it, you would recognize it as “that song from the car advert” if you live in England. Things like that really annoy me, if your songs on a advert then your song automatically becomes that song from the advert, your stereotyped. Anyway, it’s got groove, I’ve never been a fan of Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros but this song has totally swung my opinion. Moving on, the next song is “The song of 3:17 yesterday after noon”. I am already a fan of Vampire weekend (who are also good chums with Mumford), and so is Paige and Louise actually, its not often i find something in common with them music wise. I was driving home from school and the unbelievers by Vampire weekend came on radio 1, lets just say i had a little giggle in ma’seat. And then things got good, i got a letter from a architects place saying i’d been accepted for work experience. I know it’s only work experience but it means a lot. So i just grooved a little longer. Also, while y’all here, take a look at my new pictures on the pages above. I took them at the Eden project, they had a massive wall of fridges and loads of magnets in the the shape of letters on it so i thought i might make a few thing for y’all. Bye for now


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