Artists of the moment

I have made a monumental discovery, they are Haim and Florence and the machine. Well to be quite honest, I’ve known about them both for yonks now so they are nothing new, i just wanted to get your attention. So first up is Haim: they are like this close )( with Mumford and sons and have done a heck of a lot of touring with them so i have got to know them quite well, as for their music however i have never really been that into it. If i were to put it in a genre it would be acepella/1980/90/20’s – broad but that’s how it came across to me, my genre-selection-talent is gleaming out to you right now… i can feel it. My preferred Music taste is too wide to define, but i have my limits and i think that that reached them (along with rap). But recently something in me has ticked and i’m in love. I literally can’t stop! I think my favourite songs so far are The wire and Falling, but they are the only ones i have listened to so far.

After Haim is Florence and the machine, I’ve liked them for years now, but I’ve recently become in love with their music. My favourite songs of theirs are Dog days and spectrum. The harp in it sensational, I’ve always wanted to play it, never really had the chance. I want to go and see one soon, perhaps i could go to “a harp concern” if that exists? Well that’s it for today, I’ve got about 20 songs to add to my ultimate playlist i’ll do a post on it next week. Any music y’all want me to hear, just give me a ping! Or a pong. Bye for now


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