5 must do autumn jobs to get over post-summer-depression

Kawabata! Did you know that means hello in Catalan. Off course you didn’t! That’s because Kawabata is the second name of a Japanese short story writer, it doesn’t have anything to do with Catalan in fact. I am odd, hola actually means hello in Catalan. So, hola. Well i hope your well, i think everyone may be coming down with post-summer-depression, and all sorts of flu and bug. But not to worry, we may not have the sun, but we now have my “5 must do autumn jobs to get over post-summer-depression”.

  1. Complement the weather. It may be rainy and damp and misty and you may not be on holiday or lazing on a sun lounger catching a tan, but if you take a step back, breath in a gust of rain smelling air, it can actually smell rather refreshing and nice. Admire the low fog, and the patter sound of rain falling from leaf to leaf. It may be hard if your trying to walk to work and you are getting rain down the back of your neck, just try and smile.
  2. Update your ultimate playlist. Only if you feel you want to, never put a song on your playlist if you don’t want to, even if it’s just been released or… everyone keeps raving to it or something like that. A fresh batch of songs to listen to can take your mind of the gloom of whatever your definition of gloom is.
  3. Spruce up your house. By this I don’t mean go full on redecorating and refurbishing your home. Maybe just add a new throw to your bed – i have this routine: tweed blanket on the bed in the summer to remind me of winter and a floral throw on the bed in the winter to remind me of summer. You could also: add a new cushion to your sofa, add a new sugar, tea and coffee pot to your kitchen, shuffle up your furniture, shuffle up y’all ornaments, add pictures from summer to photo frames, add a new rug and buy a autumn wardrobe (if you can afford it – charity shops cease to amaze me).
  4. Watch autumn TV. If you live in the UK, ITV is great from 9-10 in the evening: Doc martin and corrie on Monday, corrie again on Wednesday, women behind bars with Trevor McDonald on Thursday, and a double episode of corrie on Friday. Oh and i must not forget, the walking dead, for those who can bear strong gore and violence, it is amazing. So gripping, i won’t go into too much detail. A series has just ended at the moment, but i’m sure there will be another. Mum said she is going to buy me the box set. If you have not been watching the series so far, you could probably rent some episode on 5 star (http://www.channel5.com/channels/5star) but you would have to watch a few to get into it.
  5. Tidy the garden. It’s the worst time of year in my eyes, there is no more life in the posts, just dead and dying plants, no surprises of ripe fruit on the vines and its all got damp. But here are a few things you can do to be prepared for next year:
  • Recycle any remaining leaves that are still green on plants by making them into fertilizer for next year. To do this you just need to chop up any foliage and put it into a bucket with some boiling water and cover with polythene, then leave it for two weeks and pour in to jars ready for next year any remaining decayed foliage an be worked into soil giving it a better quality, then freeze to preserve it for next year. WARNING: be very careful about the foliage that you choose, any diseased leaves will spread disease to next years crop. This method will be good for crops because it uses the nutrient in this years plant and puts it into next years, giving next years crop the exact levels of nutrient it needs to grow well.
  • Empty ya pots. Churn up the roots of past plants and add a small amount of compost to make it that lil’bit sweeter
  • Plant any Brassica’s for next year (http://www.saga.co.uk/lifestyle/gardening/plant-portrait/how-to-grow-brassicas.aspx) and any other plants which can be harvested in spring/late winter
  • Plant bulbs for spring, now is the time to plant your daffodils e.c.t!
  • Have a tidy up. Clean your greenhouse/shed/polythene green houses (in my case), sort out y’all pots, get rid of any rubbish, make the place look presentable

So there we have it, 5 things for you to be getting on with. Don’t forget, you have Halloween soon!


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