4-day-Blogging-Bonanza: The Big Gig

Hello! Welcome back! You may be wondering where I’ve been, well it’s been a busy October… so to sum it up I’ve created the “4-day-blogging-bonanza”… creative i know. So to kick it off, i’m going to tell you about my little adventure up to Wembley arena for the Big Gig!

You may be wondering what this “Big Gig” is, basically it’s a mass gathering of girl guides from all over the UK for a big party. Not quite Glastonbury… but it’s a good bash. I admit most people there are only around 12 years old, but we love it so much we still pitch up (by we i mean a load of my friends and a sixty year old woman). This Big Gig was in Wembley Arena (not Wembley stadium) and there was around 5000 people there. Richard Wisker and Ceallach Spellman were presenting (no i have never heard of them either – apparently they are off some kids programme) and the acts were:

  • Dionne Bromfield (Amy wine house’s goddaughter)
  • Charlie brown
  • Overload (dubbed the new one direction)
  • Little mix
  • Katy B
  • Union J
  • Jahmene Douglas
  • Conor Maynard
  • 5 Angels (some Czech republic girl band)

I must admit the music was not what i normally listen to, but it was a chance for a good groove. And my oh my was i glad i brought my speaker. On the way back, we may of all had a party in the minibus with some classic tunes, but like i said – we “may”. Overall, it was a jolly good day out, here’s some pictures. Don’t forget, it’s a 4-day-bonanza, so come back tomorrow for some how-to-Halloween-fun, and the day after, and the day after that, and then the day after that as well. Show me you’re love.


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