4-Day-Blogging-Bonanza – The Paige pad – Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone

Howdy all! Paige is round for Halloween along with Louise for Leah’s Birthday Party, gosh there’s 8 kids running around the house. We are avoiding all contact. Anyway, today is the final day of the 4-Day-Blogging-Bonanza and Paige has a film review for y’all so… here it is.

Hey ! 😀 it’s Paige again! Just thought i’d let you all know, if i haven’t already, i am OBSESSED with Harry Potter! Well, i wouldn’t say obsessed, my friends would, but i would call myself a … fan! I think the books are as good as the films, this is rare, i mean look at twilight ;).Well, anyway, every film is a good as the next!
Lets start with “Harry potter: the philosophers stone”. I wont go into too much detail, because i’m sure most of you have seen the films or read the books. Harry and his parents are wizards. When Harry was one years old , his parents were killed by the evil half blood wizard , Voldemort. When Harry was 11, he was now living with his Muggle Auntie and Uncle, he finds out he is a wizard and gets the chance to go to Hogwarts School for witch craft and wizardry. Harry meets new friends, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger and has many amazing adventures.

No spoilers here though !
Okay, so my view on the film is obviously amazing, but I think the book is just as gripping! I didn’t think I would enjoy the books, well how could they be better than the films! I was mistaken massively! None of my friends like Harry Potter, god knows why (!), but now I have got 3 of my best friends, including Charlotte, to like it! Be back next time to review new films!

NOTE:  I have decided to extend the 4-Day-Blogging-Bonanza to tomorrow as well, so i will see you then!


7 thoughts on “4-Day-Blogging-Bonanza – The Paige pad – Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone

  1. I supose I’m obsessed or a ‘potterhead’. I feel that I am far more then a ‘fan’. The books are really speical to me. The story they tell is a big part of my life. It brought so much to me. It helped me live through pain and sorrow. It taught me that anything is posible. As another great fantasy says, ‘It is precious to me…’ And I will never forget that. No matter what the Death Eaters throw my way.

    • Awh, do you have any other favourites? I’m not a filmy person myself so I need some ideas for Paige next time she’s here

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