Artist of the moment – Fleet foxes

Hey y’all! I’ve just realized something, i haven’t told you much about fleet foxes have i? Well i think it’s about time i did. Fleet foxes are kind of the unsung heroes of my ultimate playlist, their music is just fantastical, but i don’t think i have really given them the praise they deserve. So what is it abut Fleet foxes that makes their music so good? Well firstly, i think that the way they use the most basic techniques that i was taught in primary school and use them to make a song the coolest thing ever (with a lil’bit of guitar). For example, i remember singing songs in rounds with Mrs miller (my music teacher) in year 4, and now they are associated with terrible nursery rhymes, but Fleet foxes have overturned that and made it the most awesome. This may be utter rubbish to anyone with a “musical head” and you may think “i hear rounds in songs all the time”, but i don’t – so it sounds pretty cool. I think they have become pretty popular recently, its’ funny actually, i always say to myself “you know when someone has made it when their music is playing on corrie” (those of you who live in the UK will understand). I have heard them on it 3 times recently.

I remember watching some kind of Mumford and sons video once, and i distinctly remember Winston saying “we don’t want people to only like our music, because there is so much great music out there…” and on that day i discovered fleet foxes, Laura Marling and a few others. And since then my Ultimate playlist has grown and grown, and will probably keep on growing, i have 93 songs on it at the moment.

So go on then, watch the video, try and hear the round i keep ranting on about. This song is called Blue ridge mountain, it reminds me of a book i read called “The horse boy”, i did a review of it once. The guitar in it is so pure and untamed, raw. Be sure to also listen to White winter hymnal – the song after Blue ridge mountains.


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