About the writer/Welcome

Hello! I would like to welcome you to the Charlotte blog, a blog about things that make me happy and things that make me sad. Firstly, my names Charlotte (as you might of guessed), i like things which aren’t normal, i ride horses and grow plants. I am also agnostic and not your typical person if you get to know me. Music is a giant chunk of me, it ceases to amaze me. I find it fascinating how each person has their own taste which can’t be tamed or twisted, it’s unpredictable.

I would just like to give you a idea of what my blog will/should be about, this may change as time goes on and i may get some new idea`s for posts and videos, you`re all welcome to comment, share and give your opinion. To put it simply, my blog is about the most important things in my life. I`m pretty new to this blogasphere thing and to be honest i`m not quite sure how it will go. i thought about making my own blog for a while and have never really got round to it, but, I’ve made one now so i guess the only thing i`ll be able to do is just see how it goes. I haven’t got any idea what my blog is like compared to others, but i think i just wanna do ma`own thing, my friend Louise and my sister have also just started WordPress blogs but they are more into Vlogging i think – they`re massive fans of Tanya burr and Fleur de force on YouTube. I think my blog will be mainly text based, i`m not a fan of taking videos of my self so i`m going to base it around text and pictures. If you want to find out more about me, just follow my blog!


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