Now i`m going to tell you about the most important and biggest part of this blog. The music section! Music is a massive part of my life and i think that my blog would not be complete without it. My taste in music is not the mainstream playlist of one direction, katy perry and Psy if that’s what your thinking, neither is it a load of punky head banger music. My favorite genres range massively from mainly country and alternative to a few rock`s, two punks, four Indian`s, and a selection of 50`s . I think i better let you know this now rather then you under/over estimating my knowledge on this topic. MUMFORD AND SONS. They are my heroes, i am obsessively obsessed with them. i am like a human encyclopedia on the band, I. KNOW. EVERYTHING. i think i may be one of they’re biggest fans (not trying to boast), i say “one of they`re” because i also know of a woman from Tennessee who could even know more than me. it was my dad who got me into them, i started on the common songs like the cave and progressed from there until now when i has a entire dedicated playlist for them which includes every single song that exists on the iTunes store, YouTube and they`re website ( I don`t want to witter on to much because my friends have told me i`m a bore when i go on too much so i`ll leave it at that. I will also create a section of the music section just for the latest news on M&S and a essay on the topic including all my knowledge. in the music section i will include things like: song of the moment (i couldn’t decide whether to choose a week or day), my top picks, your top picks and opinions, i`ll add more as i go. If you would like to see any posts on music, just look a for a post in the “music” catagory


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