Songs of the past month

Sorry again for neglecting you for so long, i cannot explain my guilt. Anyway, while I’ve been busy I’ve discovered some shocking songs. The first one i discovered was when i got my monthly email from GOTR (Gentlemen of the road) – it’s Mumfords record label. Apart from their own two albums, its there first album released on it. It’s by Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros who are like best buds with Mumford themselves, the song i fell for was called home, and well if you heard it, you would recognize it as “that song from the car advert” if you live in England. Things like that really annoy me, if your songs on a advert then your song automatically becomes that song from the advert, your stereotyped. Anyway, it’s got groove, I’ve never been a fan of Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros but this song has totally swung my opinion. Moving on, the next song is “The song of 3:17 yesterday after noon”. I am already a fan of Vampire weekend (who are also good chums with Mumford), and so is Paige and Louise actually, its not often i find something in common with them music wise. I was driving home from school and the unbelievers by Vampire weekend came on radio 1, lets just say i had a little giggle in ma’seat. And then things got good, i got a letter from a architects place saying i’d been accepted for work experience. I know it’s only work experience but it means a lot. So i just grooved a little longer. Also, while y’all here, take a look at my new pictures on the pages above. I took them at the Eden project, they had a massive wall of fridges and loads of magnets in the the shape of letters on it so i thought i might make a few thing for y’all. Bye for now


Song of last night

So I’m of on holiday today. 11 days in gone, but don’t worry i have something planned to blog about for when i come back. I went shopping with Paige yesterday, we were in the car and my number by the foals came on – great song – and I’ve had it in my head ever since. Youtube it, if you watched any of glasto on tv you will probably of heard it because it was the theme tune thingy (a bit like how Florence and the machine was at the olympics). I have to go, i haven’t even packed yet, enjoy your summer!

The Book club – The horse boy – The one dollar horse – The horse road

Well hello there! Have you missed me? I bet you you have. Sorry i haven’t posted in a while I’ve been too busy camping and what not. I came back from My BP weekend yesterday, It’s basically a overnight trip to a unknown destination which to you have to do to complete your Baden Powell badge at guides. I got home at seven and slept right through to 9 this morning, it was really fun, a lot better than i imagined. We met in Taunton, got given some money and sent of not to see them again till 6 that evening. We had to navigate our way to Morrisons for lunch (surprisingly the hardest part of the journey!) then to the train station to catch the train to Exeter where we did a bit of shopping, and then to the bus station to go to Sidmouth where we got ice creams and sat on the beach and went swimming. We actually went swimming again at midnight beneath the stars. I didn’t get to sleep till 3 in the morning, and was up at seven the next morning in the pouring rain.  I’m home today and tomorrow and then i’m of camping again with the family in the caravan. I’ve got to sleep outside this year, i’m too tall for the bed. Still haven’t started my summer holiday homework. Sold my dolls house stuff though, i’m sorry Paige.

Anyway, back to what i’m meant to be talking about, I’ve got some new book spiels. I don’t know why, but all of my books I’ve read recently are about horses, but it’s broadened my horizons in the horse world. Righty’o. The first book, The Horse boy. I read this book way back… along time ago. I think it’s way up there with the best books I’ve ever read… then again… so are nearly all the books i have read. The basic story line is of a father’s story to cure his sons autism, I never cry over books, but this is the closed I’ve ever come to it along with another book i’ll tell you about later. It’s a best seller apparently, it was a “Captivating, incredible, an extraordinary journey, an impossible dream” according to the Daily Telegraph, “Amazing, astonishing” to the Sunday times, “A riveting, inspirational journey” to Woman and Home and “Magical, moving, miraculous, remarkable, uplifting” to the Daily mail. It’s by Rupert Isaacson, the story was told in his words as it is a true story – he was the father, He now runs a program for PDD kids to have therapy on horses – just like his son did. Part of the price my nan paid for the book went towards it. Here’s the blurb:

“One family’s epic journey to rescue their son…

Rupert and Kirsten Isaacson were heart broken when they learned that their three-year-old son rowan was autistic. And with each passing day rowans growing isolation, his uncontrollable fits and each failed treatment filled them with despair. Then one day rowan Rowan escaped and ran into a field of horses. Rupert watched in horror – but saw a miracle occur. The horses responded lovingly to rowan – and he to them. Could his affinity with these animals save Rowan from his condition?

The Isaacsons left their home and traveled to the plains and mountains of Mongolia, the spiritual home of the horse, risking everything – their happiness, future and sanity – on an arduous epic horse back journey in search of a cure for rowan.”

After reading this book, i really want to go to Mongolia, the way he described it made me fall in love with it’s shamans, sweeping mountains coated in luscious greens of grass and yurts, smooth, slick lakes laying softly in the giant undulations of the plains, It’s horses, strong and sturdy, breed for the landscape, rumour has it it’s because of the soil, they compete in competitions in UB because their figure is so good. Words cannot express my urge to make you want to read this, don’t think it’s entirely based on horses because it’s not. It’s an adventure. My Nan got me it for Christmas a few years ago for £8.99, I’m sure you’d be able to find it cheaper somewhere if you didn’t want to pay that much. But please read it, i cannot beg you enough.

The next book is the One dollar horse by Lauren St John. I was given this book by my sister after she read it, and wow was i glad i did! The basic story line is of a girl who lives in grotty London, with her previously convicted father who’s trying to make ago of living a life without crime, she helps at her local riding stables as she cannot afford lessons – a world away from what she’s used to. When walking with her father she comes across a bloody horse charging away from the knackers yard, The horse is “one of the clever ones” who’s realized whats coming. At that very moment she realizes that now is her chance to pursue her dream to become a professional eventer and win badminton horse trials, she buys the horse with all her father had on her – a one dollar note found on the street a few minutes ago. With the help of her elderly friend Mrs smith whom she met whilst working at the tea gardens, a mysterious sponsor, A boy with melty, dark eyes called peter with whom she refuses to fall in love and the support from her father she tried to overcome all the obstacles, stabs in the back, Money problems and disgrace from her background and fathers past. “Captures all the excitement of top-level riding – I loved it” says Mary king – International eventer, MBE, winner of two silver and one bronze medals at the olympics, and cousin of my riding teacher. It’s funny actually, some of the story takes place at Aldon hose trials which i go to every year, based just down the road from me. Overall i loved this book and place it proudly in my window shelf of books. It cost only £6.99 and is followed by race the wind which i am yet to read. Like the other book, It’s not just about horses… or y’all could just read it and find out your’elves.

I’ve got another book which i have read since and will share with you soon, but now i have to go and post 30 different things to the right address’… wish me luck… bye for now!

Quick message before camp!

Hello all! The rain is back, we needed it though, down ere in somerset it was getting a bit too dry for my liking and god was it good to see rain. Enough about the weather! I’m even surprising myself by how much i talk about it? So I’m off to camp tomorrow, Castivaria 2013! Louise is going too, Paige is in Weymouth and Leah is staying at home. I have a feeling this camp will be a good one, we get to camp on brownsea island for a night and a heap of activities are awaiting us! I’ll get some snaps to share with y’all! I won’t be able to blog for another week or so, but i think Leah might start writing her “beauty blog” while i am away, and hopefully Paige will have her second installment of movie reviews for y’all to read. So, i’m gonna catch a early night while i can, camp really takes it out of you. Enjoy the summer, see y’all in a week or so.

50 must do things this summer.

It’s hot, very hot indeed. But don’t complain, or put on a hose pipe ban – the last time you did that it didn’t stop raining till cars were under water. It’s about time i give y’all must a do list of things to in the summer holidays, if you like make a check list – just enjoy summer! All of the below is recommended to be done with friends & family.

  1. Have a BBQ on the beach
  2. Swim in the sea no matter how cold x5
  3. Spend at least 3 hours soaking up the sun whilst reading a book
  4. Go rock pooling. Try and catch a crab with your bear hands, i managed it so you can too, and i caught 2 shrimps!
  5. Go for a cliff top walk over looking the never ending sea
  6. Dance till your out of breath on the beach, however weird you look, stuck for songs? check out my “How to make your own ultimate playlist” post –
  7. Sleep under the stars x7
  8. Cook food on the BBQ – doesn’t have to be the traditional burger, just cook normal food x15
  9. Sleep under a tree
  10. Go on a trek, anywhere at all, drive off, don’t think about going too far (bring a sat- nav or GPS) x5
  11. Sleep in your car in the middle of a field x3
  12. Have a picnic x10
  13. Eat a Greek salad with couscous
  14. Drink the finest cider
  15. Visit and ancient estate , like this
  16. Make your own raft and try and make it float with you on it, TIP: test it in a river/lake/reservoir
  17. Go sailing or rowing
  18. Dance in the rain, there’s bound to be a few rainy days
  19. Eat x30 ice creams, seems like a lot, but it’s really not!
  20. Go to a Orchard
  21. Go on holiday, in England, abroad, or camp in your garden – wherever!
  22. Go to a Festival x5
  23. Build a sandcastle x3
  24. Toast a marshmallow over a campfire x5
  25. Make a hot chocolate over a campfire x3
  26. Sing a song with your best friends by a campfire
  27. Go for a walk in a woods x5
  28. Go swimming x5 (swimming in the sea counts too!)
  29. Make a shelter and sleep in it
  30. See a bird of pray x15
  31. Have a water fight x3
  32. Stroke a horse, or ride it in my case x5
  33. Paddle in a stream whilst holding up your trousers x5
  34. Climb a hill/mountain x3
  35. Run and scream in a field of green x3
  36. Watch live music x7
  37. See a frog x3
  38. See a newt x3
  39. Watch the sun go down x17
  40. See a wild deer x10
  41. Cross a stream on stepping stones x3
  42. Make a smiley face with pebbles
  43. Eat fish and chips by the sea x3
  44. Walk up and down a Habour x3
  45. Follow a river from it’s source to the sea, do it in parts if it’s easier
  46. Feel sand between your toes
  47. x30 kisses under the sun (if you have someone to kiss!)
  48. Go to a barn dance
  49. Attempt to surf
  50. Go snorkeling and see fish and corals

Need inspiration? Here’s some summery pic’s

Young family at Stourhead, Wiltshire © Nick Daly

Get outdoors in the beautiful landscape garden at Stourhead this summer © Stourhead/Tom Dyke

New category – Paige’s pad

Welcome! How are you? That’s great! My friend Paige had a brainwave a few weeks ago, i should have a category for ma friends for post and do random things. So… every 2 weeks or so (or when they have time), one of ma friends will make a post for y’all to read! This is a page for Paige’s post’s – Paige’s pad. When Louise or Leah want to make a post, i’ll make a page for them. Here’s Paige’s first post – a intro from the person herself:

Hey guys! It happens to be my ‘spectacular’ idea for charlotte to let us guys leaves comments. Im paige, her (best =D) friend. Known charlotte for ever , we have done everything together worth laughing about ! We even made a book with everything in it , I will leave that for char to explain! We have been to chesington, bath and west, and the absolutly legondary…… deer sanctuary! 😀
Well enough about our adventures! A little about me, i’m gonna be on here a lot, just to make sure Charlotte isn’t boring you all (jks!……. a bit :p)
Well, the thing you need to know about me is, I’m a bit of a joker! Charlotte is the serious part of our double act, I just like having a laugh, even when I shouldn’t! I’m also a film FANATIC! Name any film, horror, comedy, action, I will have seen it. I love the story lines and actors / actresses in them.
But I dont just sit inside all day long watching films, I love running and football, any sort of sport really. Oh and theme parks, can’t get enough of them ! I used to hate rides, but when I went to thorpe park with my other best friend, I felt like a right wimp if I went on one ride! So now I love them !
Well, that’s it really, a slight insight to my likes and opinions! I may be on here again if dear char will allow it! If I do, I will let you know about Charlottes little lovers! Aha ! Bye for now! =D

Song of the past 4 days/Glasto round up

Song of the past 4 days/Glasto round up

Glasto 2013, wow. Did you watch it, or even better, did you go? In my opinion, it`s the greatest event amoungst christmas and my birthday. This year`s line up was the BEST ever! Rock giants – rolling stones, Lucy rose, Micheal kiwanika, Vampire weekend, The vaccines and of course, the best of them`all – Mumford rocked the country. And even better, i got my da into The vaccines! Me and him stood by the TV at 10 whilst everyone was sleeping and turned up the volume and admired their fantabulous performance! Especially their grand finale cover of “With a little help from my friends” written by john Lennon and Paul McCartney which was performed with First aid kit, Primal scream, Vampire weekend and the Vaccines – i was surprised that Haim weren’t there too as they have done a LOT of concerts with them in the past and they were also at Glasto? They performed their usual round of songs but had to miss out a few due to time constraints, dad was hoping all along to see below my feet (one of his favourites along with lovers eyes and the boxer). My favourite song of Vampire weekend was a oddly named one called “kape cod kwassa kwassa” which reminds me of summer ( – link to you tube to listen).

Anyway, lets no harp on about my favourite songs, let me know yours in the y’all opinion page! Now for my very first “Song of the time post”. This time it is “song of the past 4 days” and the song “Country girl” by Primal scream who i was introduced to by my riding teacher Amelia Bennet “they are played alot on radio 4” she said. After that i can across their performance at Glasto and thought they were rather good, dad also knew of them so he downloaded one of their most popular songs “Country girl” which i have been listening to all the time since Saturday, i’m trying not to wear it out so i’ve stopped listening so much. The link to the song is at the top (“song of the past 4 days/Glasto round up”).

Right now i have just listened to First aid kit’s “lions roar” ( and i’m currently listening to “Emmylou” ( I haven’t wrote much today but i hope i make up for that in all the video’s i hope y’all watch. Going to try and share some of the happenings in my polythene green houses tommorow. I’ll be your emmylou and i’ll be your jude… Just sitting little darling sitting with you…