The ultimate playlist

Well a big hello to you today! *Now give your self a pat on the back for visiting my blog*. Now, if you have visited my blog before you may of heard of my Ultimate playlist. In the past i have told you how to make one, told you what to do with one and i have told you about a few of the artists in my Ultimate playlist. And now i do think it is about time i told you about whats in mine. I’m sorry its a screen shot of iTunes, i am too tired to copy out each song, artist and album. Lets hope y’all eyes are good because this is a tad bit small. I am not going to write my inner most thoughts on each song, neither am i going to do a running commentary on the songs. But please! If you have the patience, go and search some of them up ; you could discover something wonderful.  So this is it, i feel like i am reveling my inner most possessions. But good music needs to be shared.



Bit varied isn’t it? It goes from country folk to real knitty gritty punk to 90’s. I’m quite unpredictable when it comes to music, so are you, so is every one, they just don’t know it yet. Now look, i have a idea (everyone sighs) – only kidding. Anyway, Do you have a ultimate playlist? I so, i want to know whats in it. I sound very demanding. Do you want to share it’s greatness? Just give me a tinkle, tell me anything you want, anything at all. I’ve been doing a lil’bit’of reading you see, and I’ve read that people are more likely to read your blog if it teaches them something new, or shows them how to do something, well basically if it benefits the reader. So i want you to share y’all opinions on stuff, anything (it doesn’t have to be on de’blog), what y’all would like to see on my blog and y’all thoughts. So go ahead, move you mouse/finger towards the y’all comments page.


Song of last night

So I’m of on holiday today. 11 days in gone, but don’t worry i have something planned to blog about for when i come back. I went shopping with Paige yesterday, we were in the car and my number by the foals came on – great song – and I’ve had it in my head ever since. Youtube it, if you watched any of glasto on tv you will probably of heard it because it was the theme tune thingy (a bit like how Florence and the machine was at the olympics). I have to go, i haven’t even packed yet, enjoy your summer!

The Book club – The horse boy – The one dollar horse – The horse road

Well hello there! Have you missed me? I bet you you have. Sorry i haven’t posted in a while I’ve been too busy camping and what not. I came back from My BP weekend yesterday, It’s basically a overnight trip to a unknown destination which to you have to do to complete your Baden Powell badge at guides. I got home at seven and slept right through to 9 this morning, it was really fun, a lot better than i imagined. We met in Taunton, got given some money and sent of not to see them again till 6 that evening. We had to navigate our way to Morrisons for lunch (surprisingly the hardest part of the journey!) then to the train station to catch the train to Exeter where we did a bit of shopping, and then to the bus station to go to Sidmouth where we got ice creams and sat on the beach and went swimming. We actually went swimming again at midnight beneath the stars. I didn’t get to sleep till 3 in the morning, and was up at seven the next morning in the pouring rain.  I’m home today and tomorrow and then i’m of camping again with the family in the caravan. I’ve got to sleep outside this year, i’m too tall for the bed. Still haven’t started my summer holiday homework. Sold my dolls house stuff though, i’m sorry Paige.

Anyway, back to what i’m meant to be talking about, I’ve got some new book spiels. I don’t know why, but all of my books I’ve read recently are about horses, but it’s broadened my horizons in the horse world. Righty’o. The first book, The Horse boy. I read this book way back… along time ago. I think it’s way up there with the best books I’ve ever read… then again… so are nearly all the books i have read. The basic story line is of a father’s story to cure his sons autism, I never cry over books, but this is the closed I’ve ever come to it along with another book i’ll tell you about later. It’s a best seller apparently, it was a “Captivating, incredible, an extraordinary journey, an impossible dream” according to the Daily Telegraph, “Amazing, astonishing” to the Sunday times, “A riveting, inspirational journey” to Woman and Home and “Magical, moving, miraculous, remarkable, uplifting” to the Daily mail. It’s by Rupert Isaacson, the story was told in his words as it is a true story – he was the father, He now runs a program for PDD kids to have therapy on horses – just like his son did. Part of the price my nan paid for the book went towards it. Here’s the blurb:

“One family’s epic journey to rescue their son…

Rupert and Kirsten Isaacson were heart broken when they learned that their three-year-old son rowan was autistic. And with each passing day rowans growing isolation, his uncontrollable fits and each failed treatment filled them with despair. Then one day rowan Rowan escaped and ran into a field of horses. Rupert watched in horror – but saw a miracle occur. The horses responded lovingly to rowan – and he to them. Could his affinity with these animals save Rowan from his condition?

The Isaacsons left their home and traveled to the plains and mountains of Mongolia, the spiritual home of the horse, risking everything – their happiness, future and sanity – on an arduous epic horse back journey in search of a cure for rowan.”

After reading this book, i really want to go to Mongolia, the way he described it made me fall in love with it’s shamans, sweeping mountains coated in luscious greens of grass and yurts, smooth, slick lakes laying softly in the giant undulations of the plains, It’s horses, strong and sturdy, breed for the landscape, rumour has it it’s because of the soil, they compete in competitions in UB because their figure is so good. Words cannot express my urge to make you want to read this, don’t think it’s entirely based on horses because it’s not. It’s an adventure. My Nan got me it for Christmas a few years ago for £8.99, I’m sure you’d be able to find it cheaper somewhere if you didn’t want to pay that much. But please read it, i cannot beg you enough.

The next book is the One dollar horse by Lauren St John. I was given this book by my sister after she read it, and wow was i glad i did! The basic story line is of a girl who lives in grotty London, with her previously convicted father who’s trying to make ago of living a life without crime, she helps at her local riding stables as she cannot afford lessons – a world away from what she’s used to. When walking with her father she comes across a bloody horse charging away from the knackers yard, The horse is “one of the clever ones” who’s realized whats coming. At that very moment she realizes that now is her chance to pursue her dream to become a professional eventer and win badminton horse trials, she buys the horse with all her father had on her – a one dollar note found on the street a few minutes ago. With the help of her elderly friend Mrs smith whom she met whilst working at the tea gardens, a mysterious sponsor, A boy with melty, dark eyes called peter with whom she refuses to fall in love and the support from her father she tried to overcome all the obstacles, stabs in the back, Money problems and disgrace from her background and fathers past. “Captures all the excitement of top-level riding – I loved it” says Mary king – International eventer, MBE, winner of two silver and one bronze medals at the olympics, and cousin of my riding teacher. It’s funny actually, some of the story takes place at Aldon hose trials which i go to every year, based just down the road from me. Overall i loved this book and place it proudly in my window shelf of books. It cost only £6.99 and is followed by race the wind which i am yet to read. Like the other book, It’s not just about horses… or y’all could just read it and find out your’elves.

I’ve got another book which i have read since and will share with you soon, but now i have to go and post 30 different things to the right address’… wish me luck… bye for now!

Welcome y`all!

Hello! I would like to welcome you to the Charlotte blog, a blog about things that make me happy and things that make me sad. Firstly, i would just like to give you a idea of what my blog will/should be about, this may change as time goes on and i may get some new idea`s for posts and videos, you`re all welcome to comment, share and give your opinion. I`m pretty new to this blogasphere thing and to be honest im not quite sure how it will go. I thought about making my own blog for a while and have never really got round to it, but, i’ve made one now so i guess the only thing i`ll be able to do is just see how it goes. I haven’t got any idea what my blog is like compared to others, but i think i just wanna do ma`own thing, my friend Louise and my sister have also just started WordPress blogs but they are more into Vlogging i think – they`re massive fans of Tanya burr and Fleur de force on YouTube. I think my blog will be mainly text based, i`m not a fan of taking videos of my self so i`m going to base it around text and pictures. As i mentioned earlier, this is a rough idea of what should be included in ma`blog.

So hopefully i should include a Book club – inspiration from the legend that is Marcus Mumford, “Firstly, I want to read more.”i believe that if you read regularly, your all round English skills improve like grammar, spelling and all that “traditional English” stuff, but its finding the time to read i find difficult. “So maybe all of our writing will improve. Secondly, Oh! The glory of discussion! We get to hear what each other has to say about these books.” That is if you read them. “WARNING: THESE ARE NOT REVIEWS. I don’t claim to be a ‘critic’, plus no one ever built a statue of a critic. Reviews are weird, you never know if they are supposed to be subjective or objective. Someone is getting paid to give their opinion and then it’s claimed to be Bible Truth. So this is not that.. I am no world authority on any of the books in this book club. These are just little spiels on books that I’ve enjoyed for you to see and comment on if you want. Participation optional but encouraged, that kind of vibe…” he pretty much sums things up for me. So have a good read of my humble opinions on these books.

Next thing i would like to tell you about is my “great food section”. Occasionally i will add a recipe that either looks nice or i’ve tried before and hasn’t failed with terrible endings, once i was making a smoothie, i had just blended it and was trying to detach the jug from well.. the bottom part. I rotated the jug, presuming it would some how slide off. But it did`nt. the smoothie seeped out between the bottom part and jug and completely smothered the worktop and then covered the entire worktop space and flooded onto the floor – things like this happen on a regular basis. Anyway, back on topic i do have a few ideas for recipes at the moment and i would like to see what you think of them. I think i may also add links to other websites with recipes i like the look of, i wont copy and class them as my own because that just down right mean. y’all welcome to give your opinions on my concoctions and odd bobs.

Thirdly i would like to introduce you my gallery. As you can guess it will be full of pictures, pictures of all sorts from my favorite bands, to holidays, to pets to trips and things that make me see the world differently – just to let you know, i wont be posting endless albums of pictures of quotes written in notebooks, ugh they annoy me. This goes for all my odd sections and corners – “participation optional but encouraged.” if you can do this, i`m hoping you could all upload your own picture`s which link to a chosen topic which i will choose or you recommend. Just to let you know these pictures won`t be in any means professional, they will be taken on my camera (ill let you know what model later), my iPod or phone… very professional indeed.

Now i`m going to tell you about the most important and biggest part of this blog. The music section! Music is a massive part of my life and i think that my blog would not be complete without it. My taste in music is not the mainstream playlist of one direction, katy perry and Psy if that’s what your thinking, neither is it a load of punky head banger music. My favorite genres range massively from mainly country and alternative to a few rock`s, two punks, four Indian`s, and a selection of 50`s . I think i better let you know this now rather then you under/over estimating my knowledge on this topic. MUMFORD AND SONS. They are my heroes, i am obsessively obsessed with them. i am like a human encyclopedia on the band, I. KNOW. EVERYTHING. i think i may be one of they’re biggest fans (not trying to boast), i say “one of they`re” because i also know of a woman from Tennessee who could even know more than me. it was my dad who got me into them, i started on the common songs like the cave and progressed from there until now when i has a entire dedicated playlist for them which includes every single song that exists on the iTunes store, YouTube and they`re website ( I don`t want to witter on to much because my friends have told me i`m a bore when i go on too much so i`ll leave it at that. I will also create a section of the music section just for the latest news on M&S and a essay on the topic including all my knowledge. in the music section i will include things like: song of the moment (i couldn’t decide whether to choose a week or day), my top picks, your top picks and opinions, i`ll add more as i go.

Now this is becoming a essay, i hope i`m not boring you. Next i`m gonna tell you about my… um… uh…i don`t know what to call it – ah… “outdoor section”. I am a gardener. i have to confess, not normal, and i not a O.A.P, i just have always enjoyed doing it. Every summer i`m going to make regular and short posts on the latest in my polythene green houses. Not only will it be about gardening but about birds on the feeders, odd things i find around the garden and woods and pictures 0f newts and frogs and my dear tadpoles (don`t ask why, but i really like frogs and toads and slow worms and newts. Just to let you know, my house is surrounded in woodland to the back and the rest of my town to the front – half and half. If i had my way i would be surrounded in fields of green and woodland.

I think that might it. wow, i`ve wrote a lot. I hope i`ve given you a small insight into the life of me and i also hope your going to follow my posts (if your not bored to death). i will also do odd bob post`s on odd bobby things which don`t fit into a section. Thanks for read my first proper post. Aw, what a accomplishment. I`m Charlotte by the way, hence the title of the blog. Bye for now!