50 must do things this summer.

It’s hot, very hot indeed. But don’t complain, or put on a hose pipe ban – the last time you did that it didn’t stop raining till cars were under water. It’s about time i give y’all must a do list of things to in the summer holidays, if you like make a check list – just enjoy summer! All of the below is recommended to be done with friends & family.

  1. Have a BBQ on the beach
  2. Swim in the sea no matter how cold x5
  3. Spend at least 3 hours soaking up the sun whilst reading a book
  4. Go rock pooling. Try and catch a crab with your bear hands, i managed it so you can too, and i caught 2 shrimps!
  5. Go for a cliff top walk over looking the never ending sea
  6. Dance till your out of breath on the beach, however weird you look, stuck for songs? check out my “How to make your own ultimate playlist” post – https://thecharlottemumfordblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/how-to-make-your-own-ultimate-playlist/
  7. Sleep under the stars x7
  8. Cook food on the BBQ – doesn’t have to be the traditional burger, just cook normal food x15
  9. Sleep under a tree
  10. Go on a trek, anywhere at all, drive off, don’t think about going too far (bring a sat- nav or GPS) x5
  11. Sleep in your car in the middle of a field x3
  12. Have a picnic x10
  13. Eat a Greek salad with couscous
  14. Drink the finest cider
  15. Visit and ancient estate , like this http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/stourhead/
  16. Make your own raft and try and make it float with you on it, TIP: test it in a river/lake/reservoir
  17. Go sailing or rowing
  18. Dance in the rain, there’s bound to be a few rainy days
  19. Eat x30 ice creams, seems like a lot, but it’s really not!
  20. Go to a Orchard
  21. Go on holiday, in England, abroad, or camp in your garden – wherever!
  22. Go to a Festival x5
  23. Build a sandcastle x3
  24. Toast a marshmallow over a campfire x5
  25. Make a hot chocolate over a campfire x3
  26. Sing a song with your best friends by a campfire
  27. Go for a walk in a woods x5
  28. Go swimming x5 (swimming in the sea counts too!)
  29. Make a shelter and sleep in it
  30. See a bird of pray x15
  31. Have a water fight x3
  32. Stroke a horse, or ride it in my case x5
  33. Paddle in a stream whilst holding up your trousers x5
  34. Climb a hill/mountain x3
  35. Run and scream in a field of green x3
  36. Watch live music x7
  37. See a frog x3
  38. See a newt x3
  39. Watch the sun go down x17
  40. See a wild deer x10
  41. Cross a stream on stepping stones x3
  42. Make a smiley face with pebbles
  43. Eat fish and chips by the sea x3
  44. Walk up and down a Habour x3
  45. Follow a river from it’s source to the sea, do it in parts if it’s easier
  46. Feel sand between your toes
  47. x30 kisses under the sun (if you have someone to kiss!)
  48. Go to a barn dance
  49. Attempt to surf
  50. Go snorkeling and see fish and corals

Need inspiration? Here’s some summery pic’s

Young family at Stourhead, Wiltshire © Nick Daly

Get outdoors in the beautiful landscape garden at Stourhead this summer © Stourhead/Tom Dyke


Welcome y`all!

Hello! I would like to welcome you to the Charlotte blog, a blog about things that make me happy and things that make me sad. Firstly, i would just like to give you a idea of what my blog will/should be about, this may change as time goes on and i may get some new idea`s for posts and videos, you`re all welcome to comment, share and give your opinion. I`m pretty new to this blogasphere thing and to be honest im not quite sure how it will go. I thought about making my own blog for a while and have never really got round to it, but, i’ve made one now so i guess the only thing i`ll be able to do is just see how it goes. I haven’t got any idea what my blog is like compared to others, but i think i just wanna do ma`own thing, my friend Louise and my sister have also just started WordPress blogs but they are more into Vlogging i think – they`re massive fans of Tanya burr and Fleur de force on YouTube. I think my blog will be mainly text based, i`m not a fan of taking videos of my self so i`m going to base it around text and pictures. As i mentioned earlier, this is a rough idea of what should be included in ma`blog.

So hopefully i should include a Book club – inspiration from the legend that is Marcus Mumford, “Firstly, I want to read more.”i believe that if you read regularly, your all round English skills improve like grammar, spelling and all that “traditional English” stuff, but its finding the time to read i find difficult. “So maybe all of our writing will improve. Secondly, Oh! The glory of discussion! We get to hear what each other has to say about these books.” That is if you read them. “WARNING: THESE ARE NOT REVIEWS. I don’t claim to be a ‘critic’, plus no one ever built a statue of a critic. Reviews are weird, you never know if they are supposed to be subjective or objective. Someone is getting paid to give their opinion and then it’s claimed to be Bible Truth. So this is not that.. I am no world authority on any of the books in this book club. These are just little spiels on books that I’ve enjoyed for you to see and comment on if you want. Participation optional but encouraged, that kind of vibe…” he pretty much sums things up for me. So have a good read of my humble opinions on these books.

Next thing i would like to tell you about is my “great food section”. Occasionally i will add a recipe that either looks nice or i’ve tried before and hasn’t failed with terrible endings, once i was making a smoothie, i had just blended it and was trying to detach the jug from well.. the bottom part. I rotated the jug, presuming it would some how slide off. But it did`nt. the smoothie seeped out between the bottom part and jug and completely smothered the worktop and then covered the entire worktop space and flooded onto the floor – things like this happen on a regular basis. Anyway, back on topic i do have a few ideas for recipes at the moment and i would like to see what you think of them. I think i may also add links to other websites with recipes i like the look of, i wont copy and class them as my own because that just down right mean. y’all welcome to give your opinions on my concoctions and odd bobs.

Thirdly i would like to introduce you my gallery. As you can guess it will be full of pictures, pictures of all sorts from my favorite bands, to holidays, to pets to trips and things that make me see the world differently – just to let you know, i wont be posting endless albums of pictures of quotes written in notebooks, ugh they annoy me. This goes for all my odd sections and corners – “participation optional but encouraged.” if you can do this, i`m hoping you could all upload your own picture`s which link to a chosen topic which i will choose or you recommend. Just to let you know these pictures won`t be in any means professional, they will be taken on my camera (ill let you know what model later), my iPod or phone… very professional indeed.

Now i`m going to tell you about the most important and biggest part of this blog. The music section! Music is a massive part of my life and i think that my blog would not be complete without it. My taste in music is not the mainstream playlist of one direction, katy perry and Psy if that’s what your thinking, neither is it a load of punky head banger music. My favorite genres range massively from mainly country and alternative to a few rock`s, two punks, four Indian`s, and a selection of 50`s . I think i better let you know this now rather then you under/over estimating my knowledge on this topic. MUMFORD AND SONS. They are my heroes, i am obsessively obsessed with them. i am like a human encyclopedia on the band, I. KNOW. EVERYTHING. i think i may be one of they’re biggest fans (not trying to boast), i say “one of they`re” because i also know of a woman from Tennessee who could even know more than me. it was my dad who got me into them, i started on the common songs like the cave and progressed from there until now when i has a entire dedicated playlist for them which includes every single song that exists on the iTunes store, YouTube and they`re website (http://www.mumfordandsons.com/). I don`t want to witter on to much because my friends have told me i`m a bore when i go on too much so i`ll leave it at that. I will also create a section of the music section just for the latest news on M&S and a essay on the topic including all my knowledge. in the music section i will include things like: song of the moment (i couldn’t decide whether to choose a week or day), my top picks, your top picks and opinions, i`ll add more as i go.

Now this is becoming a essay, i hope i`m not boring you. Next i`m gonna tell you about my… um… uh…i don`t know what to call it – ah… “outdoor section”. I am a gardener. i have to confess, not normal, and i not a O.A.P, i just have always enjoyed doing it. Every summer i`m going to make regular and short posts on the latest in my polythene green houses. Not only will it be about gardening but about birds on the feeders, odd things i find around the garden and woods and pictures 0f newts and frogs and my dear tadpoles (don`t ask why, but i really like frogs and toads and slow worms and newts. Just to let you know, my house is surrounded in woodland to the back and the rest of my town to the front – half and half. If i had my way i would be surrounded in fields of green and woodland.

I think that might it. wow, i`ve wrote a lot. I hope i`ve given you a small insight into the life of me and i also hope your going to follow my posts (if your not bored to death). i will also do odd bob post`s on odd bobby things which don`t fit into a section. Thanks for read my first proper post. Aw, what a accomplishment. I`m Charlotte by the way, hence the title of the blog. Bye for now!