Song of the past 4 days/Glasto round up

Song of the past 4 days/Glasto round up

Glasto 2013, wow. Did you watch it, or even better, did you go? In my opinion, it`s the greatest event amoungst christmas and my birthday. This year`s line up was the BEST ever! Rock giants – rolling stones, Lucy rose, Micheal kiwanika, Vampire weekend, The vaccines and of course, the best of them`all – Mumford rocked the country. And even better, i got my da into The vaccines! Me and him stood by the TV at 10 whilst everyone was sleeping and turned up the volume and admired their fantabulous performance! Especially their grand finale cover of “With a little help from my friends” written by john Lennon and Paul McCartney which was performed with First aid kit, Primal scream, Vampire weekend and the Vaccines – i was surprised that Haim weren’t there too as they have done a LOT of concerts with them in the past and they were also at Glasto? They performed their usual round of songs but had to miss out a few due to time constraints, dad was hoping all along to see below my feet (one of his favourites along with lovers eyes and the boxer). My favourite song of Vampire weekend was a oddly named one called “kape cod kwassa kwassa” which reminds me of summer ( – link to you tube to listen).

Anyway, lets no harp on about my favourite songs, let me know yours in the y’all opinion page! Now for my very first “Song of the time post”. This time it is “song of the past 4 days” and the song “Country girl” by Primal scream who i was introduced to by my riding teacher Amelia Bennet “they are played alot on radio 4” she said. After that i can across their performance at Glasto and thought they were rather good, dad also knew of them so he downloaded one of their most popular songs “Country girl” which i have been listening to all the time since Saturday, i’m trying not to wear it out so i’ve stopped listening so much. The link to the song is at the top (“song of the past 4 days/Glasto round up”).

Right now i have just listened to First aid kit’s “lions roar” ( and i’m currently listening to “Emmylou” ( I haven’t wrote much today but i hope i make up for that in all the video’s i hope y’all watch. Going to try and share some of the happenings in my polythene green houses tommorow. I’ll be your emmylou and i’ll be your jude… Just sitting little darling sitting with you…


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