The book club

Book club – inspiration from the legend that is Marcus Mumford, “Firstly, I want to read more.”i believe that if you read regularly, your all round English skills improve like grammar, spelling and all that “traditional English” stuff, but its finding the time to read i find difficult. “So maybe all of our writing will improve. Secondly, Oh! The glory of discussion! We get to hear what each other has to say about these books.” That is if you read them. “WARNING: THESE ARE NOT REVIEWS. I don’t claim to be a ‘critic’, plus no one ever built a statue of a critic. Reviews are weird, you never know if they are supposed to be subjective or objective. Someone is getting paid to give their opinion and then it’s claimed to be Bible Truth. So this is not that.. I am no world authority on any of the books in this book club. These are just little spiels on books that I’ve enjoyed for you to see and comment on if you want. Participation optional but encouraged, that kind of vibe…” he pretty much sums things up for me. if you would like to see any posts about The book club, just look a for a post in the “The book club” category.


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