The great outdoors

I`m gonna tell you about my… um… uh…i don`t know what to call it – ah… “outdoor section”. I am a gardener. I have to confess, not normal, and i not a O.A.P, i just have always enjoyed doing it. Every summer i`m going to make regular and short posts on the latest in my polythene green houses. Not only will it be about gardening but about birds on the feeders, odd things i find around the garden and woods and pictures of newts and frogs and my dear tadpoles (don`t ask why, but i really like frogs and toads and slow worms and newts.  Just to let you know, my house is surrounded in woodland to the back and the rest of my town to the front – half and half. If i had my way i would be surrounded in fields of green and woodland. if you would like to see any posts on The great outdoors, just look a for a post in the “great outdoors” category.


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