Y’all comments

I think it would be a good idea to have a area for y`all to discuss y`all opinions! So get commenting, no spam or hate please!

Insert opinion in the box labelled “leave a reply” below

Be aware, i will probably get no comments, but if i do, ill publish them here along with a link to your site!


3 thoughts on “Y’all comments

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  2. Hey guys! It happens to be my ‘spectacular’ idea for charlotte to letnus guys leaves comments. Im paige, her (best =D) friend. Known charlotte for ever , we have done everything together worth laughing about ! We even made a book with everything in it , bjt I will leave that for char to explain! We have been to chesington, bath and west, and the absolutly legondary…… deer sanctuary! 😀
    Well enough about our adventures! A little about me, im gonna be on here a lot, just to make sure charlotte isn’t boring you all (jks!……. a bit :p)
    Well, the thing you need to know about me is, im abit of a joker! Charlotte is the serious part of our double act, I just like having a laugh, even when I shouldnt! Im also a film FANATIC! Name any film, horror, comedy, action, I will have seen it. I love the story lines and actors / actresses in them.
    But I dont just sit inside all day long watching films, I love running and football, any sort of sport really. Oh and theme parks, can’t get enough of them ! I used to hate rides, but when I went to thorpe park with my other best friend, I felt like a right wimp if I went on one ride! So now I love them !
    Well, that’s it really, a slight insight to my likes and opinions! I may be on here again if dear char will allow it! If I do, I will let you know about charlottes little lovers! Aha ! Bye for now! =D

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